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Itran Inspires Nagata Sport Horses

When Emma Butchard met Itran in 2019, she took on a new challenge. At just three years old, Itran was tall, lanky and had a limited education. Never before had she added such a young horse to her string...

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 5.51.39 PM.png

Emma Butchard and Brasil Claim 1.35m TackNRider Jumper Stake

Emma Butchard of Wellington, FL, and her own Brasil finished atop the 1.35m TackNRider Jumper Stake at the Rita & Irish Flynn Memorial at Palm Beach International Equestrian Center...


Emma Butchard and Andre Nagata Earn Their Success with Hard Work in Panningen, The Netherlands

A quick look at Butchard and Nagata's impressive resumes of top international placings reveals a pair that has already paid their dues in the industry. But these two riders believe in earning their success, both in and out of the saddle...


One to Watch: Emma Butchard is Doing the Work to Succeed at Grand Prix Show Jumping

Watch Emma Butchard ride and you see a typical young professional making her way in the grand prix ring. But keep watching her after the class, and you'll something a bit more remarkable in this day and age...

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